Our Partners

Hamilton Locke

Their commitment to people, culture, and cutting-edge technology is at the core of our operations. They emphasise a positive work experience and foster a culture that fuels innovation and excellence, enabling us to deliver tailored, efficient solutions to our clients.

With a deep bench of experienced lawyers from top-tier firms around the world, and strategically positioned offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle and New Zealand, Hamilton Locke ensure our clients have seamless access to our legal expertise and exceptional service.

Hamilton Locke are more than a law firm – they are partners in their clients’ success. Their unwavering commitment, coupled with our expertise, allows us them navigate legal complexities, serving a broad and diverse clientele efficiently.

At Hamilton Locke, they go beyond expectations to drive results.


Source provides high-quality and on-demand legal, HR, governance, risk and compliance services with an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise. We can provide a whole department, or we can supplement your current team with additional specialists. We are a team of experienced, commercially-minded professionals who have a mission to deliver exceptional professional services in a unique way to suit your needs. By combining our forces under one roof, our team can offer a full scale legal, governance, risk and compliance department to your business.

Pricing for Source services is transparent, agreed up front and designed to provide cost certainty to you. For example, pricing of ongoing business as usual services (legal, IP management, HR, compliance, company secretarial) is monthly retainer-based, pricing of licensing is agreed scope, and pricing for projects or for ad hoc services are agreed fixed fee per project or service.

With Source, our offer is simple – tailored, exceptional support by our entire team, whenever and however you need it. When you work with Source, you’ll gain the power of a fully-fledged in-house style team that works the way you do.

Source is part of HPX Group, which is also the holding company of international law firm, Hamilton Locke, advising clients across Australia and New Zealand. Hamilton Locke is focused on evolving the traditional approach to corporate and commercial legal services and has been recognised as Australia’s fastest growing law firm. HPX Group delivers essential professional services across legal, governance, risk and compliance, helping businesses grow and thrive.

Tank Stream Labs

Tank Stream Labs is a co-working and entrepreneurial community located in the heart of Sydney CBD. We offer an inspiring work environment for entrepreneurs and startups.

Their culture is one of collaborative productivity, resource and knowledge sharing. Tank Stream Labs believe that co-working isn’t just about a desk, it’s also about the sense of community and collaboration.

S2S Summit

The annual Australian Startup to Scaleup Summit (S2S Summit) brought to you by Tank Stream Labs celebrates the key milestones in a founder’s journey from idea through to successful exit.

This is a full day event of keynote presentations, panel discussions, education, leadership development, and networking with fellow peers and industry leaders in the Australian startup and scaleup ecosystem.

The program has been carefully crafted to represent all stages of the founder journey involving all ecosystem partners including founders, investors, accelerators/incubators, Universities, Corporates, and Government.


Ansarada brings order to organisational chaos.

They are in the business of creating long-term value for our customers – but go about it a very different way to others.

They believe that for businesses to prosper, they must seek order amid the complexity of the world and the whirlwind of daily operations. Lack of order creates an environment ripe with misinformation, disruption, and lowers business’s resilience and accountability.

The lifeblood of their business is in its critical processes. The way day to day operations are set up to run, how information is distributed and secured, and ultimately, how decisions are made. Getting your governance processes right is key to your success.