Entry FAQs

There is no cost to enter the Awards. The awards are fully funded by our wonderful Awards Partners.

Yes, you can nominate another company directly via the award platform (click here), or email us at email at info@techscaleupawards.com and we’ll create a nomination on their behalf.

Please note that a nomination does not constitute an entry, and the nominated company will still need to complete all required information for their entry to be submitted for judging.

Applicants may enter multiple categories as long as they meet the relevant criteria for each category.

You can find out more about all of the categories and their entry criteria here.

If you are not sure whether you meet the relevant entry criteria, please reach out to our friendly awards team at info@techscaleupawards.com.

There is no definitive criteria to qualify which companies come under each relevant industry. To the extent you can effectively outline your company’s participation in an industry via your application, you will be eligible for judging in that category. Applicants may also enter multiple industry categories as long as they can effectively outline their company’s participation in each industry (for example, a CleanTech consulting company might enter both the Business and Professional Services and Sustainability and CleanTech categories).

If our judges determine that you have not effectively outlined your company’s participation in that industry, you will not be judged in that category and we will look to place you in a more appropriate category. If our judges determine that you might also be a good fit for another industry category, we will copy your entry into each eligible industry category. If you do not wish to be put forward for additional categories, you can choose to opt out during your application.

Yes! We encourage all entrants, finalists and winners to re-enter for the opportunity to gain industry recognition through positive media exposure and publicity, attract interest from potential investors and business partners and network with industry leaders, strategic partners and investors.

The awards are judged on ongoing innovation, growth and performance for the past financial year, so the contents of a previous entry will be different to this year’s entry.

Unless otherwise notified by our awards team, no extensions will be granted past the deadline of 10:00pm on Friday, 12 July 2024. The entry portal will not accept new entries or changes to existing entries beyond the past the 10:00 pm deadline. We strongly recommend that you submit your entry at least 24 hours prior to the deadline to ensure that it has been accepted and that you have received an email confirming its receipt. If you have not received an email confirming that your application was received, please ensure that your entry has been submitted (and reviewed by the nominee, if applicable).

Not answering the question, or all parts of the question. Many entrants do not supply the information that was asked for, which may be discount the quality of your application during the judging process. We recommend that you read each question carefully before entering a response, and highlight the key information  that has been requested.

The character limit should be sufficient for you to cover the relevant information and, while you may submit additional information to support your application, please ensure that you have utilised your character limit to best address the question that was asked. Simply referring the judge to your website or other external information is not a sufficient response to the question, and your entry may not be approved for judging if you have not attempted to answer the questions fully.

Prior to submission, we recommend that you review your response to ensure that you have fully addressed what has been asked for.

Starting an application or nominating another company is a quick process – less than 5 minutes if you have the information readily available.

However, the bulk of the entry (which comprises the company’s business description, financial information and reason for nomination) can require input from multiple areas of the company, including your finance and marketing teams. You may like to distribute the questions between two or more colleagues to ensure that each question is answered by the appropriate person.

We recommend that you start your application as soon as nominations open so that you understand what information will be required for submission. If you submit your application early in the nomination period (go you!) you might like to set a reminder to review your application prior to the end of the nomination period. You might have more recent changes to add, updated figures or might just pick up a few spelling mistakes or grammatical errors which will improve the quality of your entry.

Judging and Process FAQs

Your entry will not be shortlisted for judging if you have not answered each question, noting that all information (including financial information) is required for our judges to properly assess your application.

While each of the judges in your category has some expert knowledge in that industry, you should assume that they are not familiar with your company and have no knowledge of your recent or historical achievements. Your business description should include an overview of when the company was founded, the product, service or platform provided by your company, and any other information that will set the tone for the rest of the information you provide.

We recommend that you avoid the use of acronyms or abbreviations where they are not commonly known outside your industry, and that dot points are only used where appropriate (not to convey all information). If a judge can not read or understand the information that you have provided, you will not be successful in judging.

You may want to ask a colleague or external contact to review your entry prior to submission.

All information you provide in the course of entering the Technology Scale-up Awards is treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This Policy sets out how we collect, use and disclose any personal or commercial information provided by you. All entries are submitted via Awards Force, which offers secure data processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy.

Prior to judging, your entry can only be accessed by you and the awards team. If you have nominated another company, you will not be able to view any additional information entered by the recipient.

Once nominations have closed, the awards team may review your application for eligibility and readability and make limited changes as set out here. Any personal information provided by you in your entry will not be used by the awards team other than in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Prior to reviewing any entries for the purposes of judging, each judge must:

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevents the use or disclosure of any information contained in your entry;
  • Inform the awards team of any potential conflicts of interest upon receiving the list of entrants.

Each judge will only have access to the entries that are assigned to them, and will not be assigned to an entry or category where a conflict of interest is identified. Personal information including contact details is restricted and not accessible by the judge, and a judge is not permitted to contact you about your entry. On completion of judging, all judges are required to securely dispose of all electronic and paper copies of an entry.

We ask that you inform us if you have any concerns that a breach of confidentiality has occurred, or if you have identified a potential conflict of interest between your company and any of our judges.

You can find a helpful award force guide for entrants here.

If you can’t find an answer to your query, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@techscaleupawards.com.

After the judging process is completed, and finalists have been announced, applicants that were not selected as a finalist will receive some feedback on their application including key features of your application that the judges made particular note of.

If you would like to receive more constructive feedback on your application, you are welcome to email the awards team at info@techscaleupawards.com. In the event that you have not provided enough information for your application to be properly assessed, there may not be more feedback to provide. It is not the responsibility of our awards team to notify you if your application has not met the required criteria for judging.

The judges’ decision is final and there is no requirement for the judges to enter into any discussion in regards to the merits of individual entries.

If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@techscaleupawards.com.

Winners and Finalists

The finalists will be announced via email and social media on Thursday, 15 August 2024.

You can subscribe here to be the first to receive the announcement.

The winners will be announced at the Startup to Scaleup (S2S) Summit to be held at the MCA in Sydney on Thursday, 26 September 2024.

Winners will also be announced via email and social media on Friday, 27 September 2024.

S2S Summit and Awards Presentation FAQs

The Startup to Scaleup Summit (S2S Summit) is a full day networking event celebrating the founder journey, from innovative idea to successful exit. Featuring keynote speeches, panels and workshops together with an investor lounge and demo exhibits, the S2S Summit is the place to be for up and coming tech companies.

As a part of this fantastic event, the Technology Scale-up Awards will be hosting the Pitch Competition, offering 10 lucky finalists the exclusive opportunity to pitch their platform, product or service to a room full of Australia’s leading innovators, industry experts and investors.

We will also be announcing the winners of the Technology Scale-up of the Year Awards, One to Watch Award, Tech Exporter of the Year Award and Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Award immediately after the Pitch Competition.

A breakdown of the day:

S2S Summit (8.00am – 7:30 PM AEDT, Thursday, 26 September 2024, at the MCA in Sydney)

Pitch Competition (3:00 – 4:30 PM AEDT Thursday, 26 September 2024 at the MCA in Sydney)

Technology Scale-up Awards Ceremony (4:30 – 5:30 PM, Thursday, 26 September 2024 at the MCA in Sydney)

You can find out more and explore other opportunities to engage with the S2S Summit here.

The S2S Summit will be held at on Thursday, 26 September 2024 from 9:00am to 5:30pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art, located at 140 George St, The Rocks NSW 2000.

Tickets to the event are on sale here.

Don’t miss out – tickets are in limited supply. If you’re named as a finalist – you’ll be eligible for a refund of your ticket or another free ticket to bring along a colleague!

Finalists will get one free ticket to the Summit (which provides access to the awards ceremony) where the winners of the 2024 Technology Scale-up Awards will be announced. Tickets to the S2S Summit are on sale here. Prices start at $150.

No, if you are unable to attend this event you are still welcome to enter the awards (excluding the Pitch Competition) and receive an award. However, if you or your company are named as a finalist, you will receive a free ticket to the event so we recommend that you send a colleague to attend and benefit from the networking and learning opportunities available. In the event that no-one is available to collect an award on your behalf, we will have any trophies delivered to your offices.

The pitch competition, followed by the awards presentation, will be held at the S2S Summit on Thursday, 26 September 2024, from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm in the Foundation Hall on the Ground Floor of the MCA.

The awards presentation (including the pitch competition) will be held at the S2S Summit on Thursday, 26 September 2024, from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm in the Foundation Hall on the Ground Floor of the MCA.

While your ticket includes access to the full program (and we recommend that you make the most of the networking and learning opportunities available), you can just attend the Pitch Competition and awards presentation at 3:00pm. The awards presentation will be followed by networking drinks at 5:30pm.

Finalists will get one free ticket to the Summit (which provides access to the awards ceremony) where the winners of the 2024 Technology Scale-up Awards will be announced. Tickets to the S2S Summit are on sale here. Prices start at $150.

No refunds will be provided, but you are able to transfer your ticket to someone else by emailing events@tankstreamlabs.com prior to 20 September 2024. 

Please note that requests for ticket transfers received after 20 September 2024 may not be effected in time for the new attendee to access all of the benefits of an S2S Summit attendee.

Free street parking on Argyle and Harrington Streets is limited and subject to availability on the day.

Paid parking is available a short distance from the MCA at Wilson Parking, 155 George Street, The Rocks with entry via George Street (where the Cahill Expressway crosses over George Street). More parking can also be found at Wilson Parking Grosvenor Place, 225 George Street, The Rocks.

Business attire – wear what works for you!

It can be a long day, so you may like to bring a fresh change of clothes for the evening events.

When you purchase a ticket, you will be asked to specify any dietary requirements

Yes, the S2S Summit has prepared some fantastic hotel options which you can explore here. We recommend that you book accommodation well in advance, as there may be limited availability or increases to pricing as we approach the event date.

If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@techscaleupawards.com.